Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Challenge 1 to 4

In this "Challenge" session, I'm asking you to apply what you learned in the LAD modules 1 to 4.

The data is in the Challenge1to4 zip file which you can download and unzip. If you already downloaded this data for "Show & Tell" you don't need to download it again.


A student has been reported missing from Kaimuki Elementary School.  Her cellphone is GPS-enabled and her last known position has been reported and delivered in a shapefile.  Create an ArcMap document that shows parcels, streets, schools and her last known position as shown below.  Try to re-create this image – colors, label positions, etc.

What coordinate system (datum, projection, units) is each dataset in?

Parcels            Challenge1to4\\data\CCHGISOHD\parcels.shp   ___________________________

Streets             Challenge1to4\\data\ CCHGISOHD\streets.shp   ___________________________

Schools           Challenge1to4\\data\StateGIS\StateGIS.gdb\PubSchools   ____________________

Cellphone       Challenge1to4\\data\mydata\cellphone.shp   _______________________________

1) How far (straight line) from the school to her last known position? ______ feet   ______ miles

2) What is the TMK of the parcel at her last known position?  ___________ TMK

Save your map document as Challenge1to4\challenge.mxd.

Extra credit: Add a basemap service from ArcGIS Online

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