Friday, June 21, 2013

Show & Tell 9: ArcGIS Online

n this "Show & Tell" session, I'll show you some useful references to get you started learning about ArcGIS Online.



There are three primary components of the ArcGIS Platform:

   - ArcGIS for Desktop (which you have been learning the last two weeks)

   - ArcGIS for Server (which you won't be learning at all this summer)

   - ArcGIS Online (which you will start learning now)

All three of these components work together to meet various mapping needs for visualization, editing, analysis, collaboration and spatial data management.

In LAD Module 8 you learned how to create map layouts as a way to share your maps and analysis and in the Show & Tell I showed you data driven pages. These are great ways to create map products for non-GIS users. These products are largely static maps, which are good, but with the web we can make them dynamic and share them with a variety of devices including smartphones.

ArcGIS Online is GIS on the cloud. Over the next few days you will learn how to publish your map data from ArcGIS for Desktop to ArcGIS Online. You will learn how to make web maps and mapping applications using simple online tools.



I have a couple of videos I'd like you to watch to get an idea of what ArcGIS can do.

First, a short (2 minutes) video that provides an overview of ArcGIS Online.

Here's the link to ArcGIS Online Overview.


This second video will go more in depth into how ArcGIS for Desktop and ArcGIS Online work together.

Watch the first 17 minutes of this video to see how your map data from Desktop can be published as map services and then used to make web maps.

Here's the link to The ArcGIS Platform.


After you've watched the two videos, I'd like you to start the ArcGIS Online tutorial. You'll learn the basics of working with map services and web maps. The examples are all from Big Island, I think you'll find it interesting.

Here's the link to the ArcGIS Online Tutorial.

You'll need to enter your first and last name along with your email to get an account. Work through this tutorial for the next couple of days.

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