Monday, June 17, 2013

Challenge 6

In this "Challenge" session, I'm asking you to apply what you learned in LAD Module 6 and in both Show & Tell 6 - Safe Relationships and Census Data.

The data is included in the Challenge6 zip file which you can download and unzip. If you already downloaded this data for "Show & Tell" you don't need to download it again.


In this Challenge you will need to use the census data and table joins and/or relates to answer these questions.

1) What is the total 2010 census population for the State of Hawaii?

     Total population = ______________

2) Which census block in the State of Hawaii has the largest total population?

     Population = ______________

     GEOID10 = ________________________

     Which island is it on?   ____________________

3) Which census block in Maui County has the largest total population?

     Population = ______________

     GEOID10 = ________________________

     Where is it?   ______________________________________

4) Which census block in Hawaii County has the largest total population?

     Population = ______________

     GEOID10 = ________________________

     Where is it?   ______________________________________

5) What is the total population for each county (hint: use Summarize)?

     Hawaii County      ____________________

     Maui County          ____________________

     Kalawao County   _____________________

     Honolulu County   _____________________

     Kauai County        _____________________

6) How many census blocks in the State of Hawaii have population but no one under age 18?

     number of blocks   __________

7) What percent of the total state population lives in census blocks with a dominant race category:

     _____%   W   White

     _____%   B    Black

     _____%   I     American Indian or Alaska Native

     _____%   A    Asian

     _____%   H    Hispanic

     _____%   M   miscellaneous, none of the above are a majority

8) Prepare a map of census block group 150090307074 that shows a pie chart for each census block showing the population breakdown by race. I showed you how to do this in Show & Tell for LAD modules 1-4.

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