Thursday, June 13, 2013

Challenge 5

In this "Challenge" session, I'm asking you to apply what you learned in LAD Module 5 and in Show & Tell 5.

The data is included in the Challenge5 zip file which you can download and unzip. If you already downloaded this data for "Show & Tell" you don't need to download it again.


In this Challenge you will get practice using the georeferencing toolbar (see Show & Tell 5) and some of the editing tools from Module 5.

You will find the data in Challenge5\data\Honolulu.

Some parcels in plat 111014 have been updated as follows:

A) Parcels 43 and 54 have been merged into a single parcel 43.

B) Parcel 7 has been split into three parcels - 7, 99 and 100.

C) Parcel 97 is a new parcel (added in the road area).

Suggested steps are:

1) Open a new blank MXD and add the parcels. Adjust the symbology so there is no fill color.

2) Add O11014.tif and georeference the scanned image to the parcels.

3) Complete edit "A" using the Merge command under Editor.

4) Complete edit "B" using the "Cut Polygons Tool".

5) Complete edit "C" using the "Auto-Complete Polygon" Tool.

6) Be sure and update the TMK attribute as you go using the Attributes window.

7) Save your edits.

8) Save your MXD (if you haven't already!).

Extra Credit:

9) Add the street data.

10) Georeference "nearHNL.jpg".

11) Make a map that highlights the two new parcels 99 and 100 and shows the street names and nearHNL image.  Something like this:

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